The Ultimate Book of Savings Challenges

Saving money is never an easy thing. There will always be something else you want to use your money for. Plus, it doesn't help that saving money is boring. But, if you want to make effective changes in your life, money is important. And when it comes to building up your pile of cash being consistent is the key.

In The Ultimate Book of Savings Challenges you will find a series of different savings challenges that will help you track your savings journey. The book has challenges that are divided by the way different people save. Some folk need a number target to motivate them, like achieving $500 in 30 days. Others benefit from visualizing a goal, like having enough money to buy a car or paying for the trip of a lifetime. Many others still, would like some fun in their savings routine, so we've included Money Mazes and even a Savings Snakes and Ladders.

With over 60 unique challenges, you will be able to find some that gels with the way you save to help you on savings journey.

The Ultimate Book of Savings Challenges includes

  • Tips on how to use the savings challenges

  • Monthly savings challenges

  • Goal savings challenges

  • Amount savings challenges

  • Bingo savings challenges

  • 52 weeks savings challenges

  • Spare Change savings challenges

  • 13 Savings challenge games and mazes

  • A DIY paper die template to be used in some of the games

  • 10 envelope templates for the cash in your challenges

    The book also features113 pages

  • A large 8.5 x 11 inch size (so you don’t loose your book or forget about it)

  • A lovely mat coverStart saving today.

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