Garden Planner and Log

For anyone with a garden.It doesn’t matter if you have a potted balcony garden, a backyard garden or a homestead. Planting a garden can be fun, satisfying sometimes frustrating due to the many variables that come with gardening.

Stay organized with this thoughtfully complied Garden Planner + Log. It includes five years of pre-formatted pages to help you plan for the long term and to keep notes of what worked and what didn’t in your garden.There is space to plot out your five-year plan with sections to keep track of garden projects, budgets, pest control plus pages for you to record the year’s success and failures to help create a better garden next year. There is also space for listing your favorite sources and suppliers.

The Garden Planner + Log is a large 8” x 10” matte-finished soft cover book with over 180 pre-formatted white pages which includes

  • A master plan section for long term garden planning. And keeping track of its evolution.

  • Sections for each of the 5 years. Each year has pages for a to-do list and budget, pages to keep track of seedlings, plants, pests control, seed packet info and harvest notes.

  • Also included are pages with space for sketches, thoughts and notes about your garden, your process, the techniques you’ve learnt and the dreams you have for it. Because a garden isn’t just about the work it takes, it is also about enjoying the fruits of your labour, about stopping to smell the roses and finding a place of calm in the noisy rush of the world.

As a Print on Demand book, your book only gets printed when it is ordered. Saving loads of resources usually spent on unsold stock.

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$14.95 CAD