The Grateful Book

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$11.95 CAD

Looking for a way to practice mindfulness and improve your mental health?

Look no further than The Grateful Book! This 6 month gratitude journal is designed to help you stay mindful and focused on the positives in life. Each day comes with a prompt to help you appreciate the little things, and there's also a space for monthly review and 6 different activities that can help you stay grateful.

This journal is the perfect way to start your day with positivity and end it with gratitude. Give yourself a break and take the time to appreciate the moments that make life special.

The Garteful Book features:

  • space for 6 months of daily journalling with a monthly review at the end of each month

  • a large 8.5in x 11in format

  • a page with a gratitude jar for you to draw, doodle or write in

  • a page for your favorite quotes

  • a 30 day gratitude challenge

  • a monthly gratitude tracker

  • a happy list to remind you of the things that make your heart smile

  • a page with really tough (but worthwhile) questions on how to make your life better

Get your own Grateful Book today and start focusing on the good in your life!