Letters and Numbers Tracing Workbook for Kids

A Fun ABC And Numbers Tracing Workbook for Toddler Writing, Preschool Learning And Kindergarten Activities! Bonus Pages for Learning Days and Months.

For young children who are learning the alphabet and numbers, this workbook introduces them to writing letters and numbers in a fun and playful way by tracing the letters and numbers with their fingers then with a pencil.

This enjoyable activity book includes animals, food and objects to colour while linking them to a letter in the alphabet. They will also learn numbers from 0 to 20 with things to count and numbers to trace, all of which helps to reinforce learning.

It is a great tool to get children interested in the world of letters and numbers and helps them learn the ABC.

There are 4 sections in the book:

Letters of the Alphabet where they learn to recognize the letter and things that begin with the letter. They can then color what begins with the letter before going on to the next page where your child can trace that letter and then write it on their own.

Numbers from 1-20 where your child gets to count the number of items that corresponds to the number digit and to learn how it is spelled. They can then color all the objects they count. This is followed by a page where they can trace the number and practice writing it down.

Days of the Week where they learn how to spell each day by tracing the letters followed by blank lines where they can practice how to write the days by themselves.

Months of the Year where they learn how to spell each month by tracing the letters followed by blank lines where they can practice how to write the days.

The Book features:

Premium gloss cover design120 pages

  • A nice big size at 8.5" x 11"

  • Letter tracing, number tracing, sight words, coloring, days of the weeks and months of the year.

  • Activities suitable for children from ages 3 to 5

  • Preparation for pre-school and kindergarten

  • Sensibly designed structure to suit preschool children

  • Exercises to promote correct pen management and concentrationLots of lined space for handwriting practice

As a Print on Demand book, your book only gets printed when it is ordered. Saving loads of resources usually spent on unsold stock.

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