Mrs. Owl's Fashion Catalogue

Enter the fascinating world of Mrs. Owl and friends! You can't be but charmed by all the exciting going-ons in their Owlverse.

Meet Booty and Crowly, the fashionistas who are upcycle designers that create the most amazing masks and accessories for Mrs. Owl’s exclusive clientele. And Mowly, whose guilty pleasure is watching daytime dramas on Nestflick while wearing Mrs. Owl’s softly-softly mouse slippers. Then there’s the curious story of the Owl who couldn’t sleep. Find out what happens when he meets the Hermit Owl in the Happy Hills.

Mrs. Owl's Fashion Catalogue is hand drawn, and in black and white so that you can immerse yourself in coloring in all the detail filled pages. Over 48 pages in fact. And as Mrs. Owl says “We all have a different sense of what color and style suits our image best. I want you to release the creative in you and color up my catalogue. I want you to feel safe inside these pages, to know that there are calm pauses and stillness even in the turning tides of the sea and the storms of living.”

So, enjoy your time here, relax and let your inner creative spirit out onto the pages. But, if the inner creative is hesitant, then just have a read and have a gander into a world where raptors dress up to their nines and help each other find a space where each can shine.

Our Catalogue

Is in the large 8.5 x 11” letter-sized format.

Has 101 pages.

Features a velvety soft matt cover.

Is suitable for raptors and humans alike.

Makes a wonderful gift for those who have imaginations and those in need of one.

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