Kraft Brown

Looking for a handy way to arrange and quickly access a wealth of information while on the go?
Look no further than this Alphabetical Pocket Notebook withTabs! ! Whether you need to jot down passwords and email addresses, take class notes, or keep track of family birthdays, this adaptable and useful notebook will prove invaluable throughout the day. With the convenient tabs on each page's side, simply navigate to the desired letter and record your data on the lines provided. Stay organized and stay on top of your important information with ease, thanks to this indispensable notebook!

  • A handy 5.5 x 8.5" Pocket Size

  • Light gray lined pages

  • Easy to access Alphabet printed on both sides of the book

  • 6 pages per letter of the alphabet

  • Lovely matte cover

  • 161 pages

  • Perfect gift for anyone who is looking for an alphabetical lined notebook.

As a Print on Demand book, your book only gets printed when it is ordered. Saving loads of resources usually spent on unsold stock.

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$9.55 CAD

Alphabetical Notebook with A-Z Tabs