About me

Hi, I am Marcia!

Welcome to my studio in the woods! Here I work with many ideas and little Wi-Fi. I am an illustrator, designer, mom and wife. A city girl who moved to the country. Since I was little I knew I wanted to dedicate myself to something creative. I found my ideal profession in design, as it allows me to combine it with my other passion, which is illustration.

I am lucky to work from home, while enjoying my family. I am inspired by the beauty that surrounds me and the fairy tales that I write in my mind since I was a child. My work reflects my childhood of cartoons and my daughter's exploring nature. My favorite techniques are watercolors, colored pencils, and of course digital art on the iPad.


I've worked with many organizations in the past on various projects. My current partners include Zyro, Pantone, SkillShare and Domestika.

My Youtube channel

Join me in the exploration of my creativity! On my way I will share the things I have learned as I have beent trying to grow my career as an illustrator.

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